Collectible Art Prints - SET OF 3

Collectible Art Prints - SET OF 3

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SET OF 3 COLLECTIBLE PRINTS (SET #2) - We SOLD OUT of our original LIMITED PRINT SET last time, so don't forget to grab these while you can! Many of you have these prints framed, and have shared the pictures on social media - THANK YOU!

These three images are iconic:
1) Volume 2 Cover Featuring the Max Boost Gang and the Max Boost Civic and Super Dupra!
2) The original Max Boost Cover image we used when pitching the Max Boost Presentation to Warner Bros and Playmates toys!
3) Artwork from a life size Max Boost display we made for the debut of D1 Grand Prix USA at the Max Boost & Autocannon booth, circa 2005!!!

  • 8 x 10 Premium Grade Card Stock Paper (3 Prints Total)
  • Limited Edition & Collectible